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Medication Safety Tips For People Of All Ages

April 1, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Medication Safety Tips For People Of All Ages

Many medication related emergencies and injuries occur each and every year across the country because of poor planning and a lack of understanding. Here are a few simple and easy to manage medication safety tips that are well worth considering. For example, expired prescription drugs and drugs that are no longer needed should be discarded as soon as possible. This is a good way to prevent accidents.

Mix With Some Type Of Undesirable Material Or Substance

One smart way of discarding prescription drugs that are expired or no longer being used is to take them out of their original container and mix them with some type of undesirable material or substance. For example, outdated or expired prescription drugs can easily be mixed with coffee grounds or even discarded table scraps and sealed in a plastic bag or disposable container. This will help to prevent accidental ingestion of expired pharmaceutical drugs by in unsuspecting individual. Making expired pharmaceutical drugs undesirable in this way is a smart strategy.

The Best Choices When It Comes To Discarding Drugs Safely

Once expired drugs or drugs that are no longer being used are prepared in this way they can be then thrown into the trash. Alternately, some prescription drugs can be flushed down the toilet as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Read all manufacturers recommendations and instructions in this regard to make the best choices when it comes to discarding drugs safely. In addition, many pharmacies offer the option of returning unneeded, expired on unused prescription drugs. Call your local pharmacy to find locations that offer this type of take-back service.

Preventing Injuries And Preventing Loss Of Life

It is a statistical fact that a large number of drug abuse related cases arise from individuals getting prescription drugs from a friend or relative. Prevent this type of activity by always discarding drugs that are no longer being used or that have expired. This can greatly reduce the incidence of prescription drug abuse and help to prevent injury and loss of life. As with preventing injuries and preventing loss of life, proper prescription drug discarding procedures can help to protect the environment and even protect small animals and pets. Consider these general medication safety tips as a way to always be safe and always be sure. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Arizona personal injury lawyer assistance.