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One Common Mistake an Injured Party Makes After a Car Accident

May 19, 2017 Hastings and Hastings

Getting into a car accident can make a person feel rattled, nervous, and anxious.  You may have had a slight injury or something more serious, but either way, it can be easy for an injured person to make mistakes when dealing with the aftermath, especially when it come to the other party’s insurance company. After an accident, the other party’s insurance company will call the injured person. At this time, the insurance company will ask the injured party questions as well as make other requests of the them, many of which may seem perfectly logical and reasonable.

What kind of requests? For starters, the other party’s insurance company may ask the injured party for some of all of the following:

Medical Records and Medical Bills

This is one area where injured parties can make a common mistake.  The insurance company will call and ask for your medical records related to the suffered injury.  They may tell you they need the records to consider your claim.  While this could be true, what they also want to see is your medical bills.  However, it should be known that they are not legally entitled to see all that is on your billing statement. To avoid the mistake of handing over documents you shouldn’t to the other insurance company, it’s important to have a trusted attorney representing your claim.

For example, let’s assume that the injury sustained from a car accident of which it was the other party’s fault ran up $75,000. The hospital, however, gave you a discount of $20,000.  If the other insurance company sees that discount, they will only compensate the injured party for $55,000 instead of $75,000. Again, they are not entitled to this information so there is no reason to give it to them.

To avoid making the common mistake of giving an insurance company too much information , it is best to retain the services of a lawyer immediately after you are in a car accident.  As an injured party you are entitled to fair and just compensation for the injury you sustained by the other driver’s negligence.  At Hastings & Hastings, we have represented hundreds of individuals who have been the victim of a car accident.  If you would like to discuss your claim and receive a free no obligation with one of our experienced attorneys, call Hastings & Hastings at 800-975-0080. We will listen to your story, answer all your questions, and make our professional legal recommendation.  Call today.