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Pain And Suffering As It Relates To A Personal Injury Claim

July 20, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Pain And Suffering As It Relates To A Personal Injury Claim

The primary goal of any personal injury claim is to recover damages associated with the injuries related to an accident. In short, damages are a type of compensation an injured party receives for any injuries that have been sustained as a result of a negligent party. Pain-and-suffering is related to the actual injuries experienced by the plaintiff in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. There are various aspects of pain and suffering that can be considered when talking about a personal injury claim.

Emotional Effects Of Disfiguring Scars

For example, physical pain associated with pain and suffering can include everything from road rash to broken bones and internal injuries as well as spinal injuries and brain injuries. Conversely, pain and suffering can also include a wide variety of emotional pain and emotional scarring that can be short term or long term in nature. Emotional injuries can be associated with or independent to physical injuries. This means that the effects of disfiguring scars or the loss of a limb can ultimately result in both physical and emotional scarring.

The Necessity For Physical Therapy

From lacerations to serious facial injuries and other types of conditions such as whiplash, pain and suffering can take many forms and shapes. In addition, many serious injuries associated with pain and suffering that are the result of an accident can also require surgical care. Surgery can often result in additional pain and suffering due to a long and arduous recovery processes. Other concerns with regard to pain and suffering include the necessity for physical therapy or situations where a cast or brace is required for an extended length of time. These situations and others all result in undue stress and ongoing pain and suffering.

Better Coping With Injuries

Those that file a personal injury claim with the assistance of an attorney in many cases can recover losses due to pain and suffering. This includes a settlement that helps individuals pay for medical expenses, medical care and long-term lost wages. Personal injury laws are highly effective at helping injured victims that have been hurt by a negligent party to recover losses. It is an effective system that has worked for many years and helped many people in better coping with injuries sustained in an accident that was simply not their fault. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury claim filing.