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Pedestrian Safety Precautions For Children

August 10, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Pedestrian Safety Precautions For Children

Precious children enjoy walking as much as adults and perhaps even more. With that said, it is important and essential to ensure the children always enjoy the highest levels of safety possible when acting as pedestrians. Perhaps first and most important with regard to keeping children safe as pedestrians is to always walk together. Keeping children in large groups and walking with adults or friends greatly adds to the visibility experienced by drivers.

Never Run Into The Street

It is also important to make eye contact with drivers as a way to protect children from potential hazards on the road. Eye contact simply lets drivers know that you see them and that they see you. This serves to increase levels of safety for adults and children alike. In addition it should be impressed upon children to never run into the street for any reason. From chasing a ball to running with a pet, running out into a street or road can spell disaster. Children should be taught at an early age this is a dangerous and life-threatening situation and must be avoided at all costs.

Children’s Safety

Another important consideration with regard to keeping children safe on the road is to always ensure they hold a parent’s hand. This is as true on the road as it is in parking lots. While cars do move at a slower pace in parking lots there are cases where cars can make fast turns or quickly increase their speed even in a parking lot. Taking no chances with children’s safety simply means always holding hands and always being proactive with regard to being aware of vehicles in a parking lot or on a road.

Bright Reflective Clothing

Finally, it is important for parents to impress upon children the necessity of always walking on a sidewalk. If a sidewalk is available children should get into the habit early of always using this option as opposed to walking on the road. As an added note, dressing children in bright reflective clothing is a good way of enhancing levels of safety. Being a safe pedestrian simply means taking a common sense approaches to safety. The safety of children is always a top concern and top priority. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to schedule a free consultation anytime a pedestrian in Phoenix has been injured through no fault of their own.