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Pedestrian Safety Tips And Strategies For Children

September 12, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Pedestrian Safety Tips And Strategies For Children

Accidents happen each and every day across the country where children are struck by a vehicle. Small kids are more difficult to see and more erratic in behavior making them susceptible to an automobile impact. Parents can greatly reduce the chances of this type of injury by ensuring that children understand basic pedestrian safety tips and strategies. This helps kids to be safer and more aware pedestrians. Teaching children at an early age to be safe around cars is an important aspect of overall safety awareness.

Brightly Colored Clothing

A good pedestrian safety tip that can help children be safe is to teach them to wear bright reflective clothing whenever they will be near a road or street. This is especially true during the evening or early morning hours. In fact, when low visibility is present, bright colored clothing can reduce the chances of being impacted by a vehicle. Children should also be taught to follow traffic signals and traffic signs in a cross walk. Let kids know at an early age that traffic signs and signals are not just for automobiles but are for people as well.

Learning How To Take A Safer Route

Equally of value is to impart on children the importance of taking the safest route where there is the least amount of street crossings required. This helps reduce exposure to moving traffic and improves overall pedestrian safety. It is also a fun way to give children the challenge of learning how to plan for a safer route. Most importantly, children should be taught at an early age to never run when crossing at an intersection. Running or other types of horseplay when there is moving traffic present is typically one of the fastest ways to become involved in some kind of pedestrian related accident.

Jumping Or Horsing Around On The Curbside

While the advice to never play in a street may seem old and outdated it is just as important today as it was years ago. Teach children at an early age to avoid playing in a driveway, parking lot or near streets. It is also essential to impart on children the importance of not playing, jumping or horsing around on a curbside where there is fast-moving traffic. One mistake, trip or fall could result in a child falling into oncoming traffic. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix personal injury lawyers that offer focused and professional legal services.