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Pedestrian Safety Tips For School Children Of All Ages

December 10, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Pedestrian Safety Tips For School Children Of All Ages

With school back in session, more parents than ever before are becoming acutely aware of a wide variety of important safety tips and strategies that can make transitioning to and from school for safer. For example, teaching children to always make full use of sidewalks can greatly increase overall levels of safety. Regardless of how far a child has to walk to school, they should always make full use of sidewalks and of proper crossing locations.

Levels Of Safety

Teaching children not to horseplay near a curb or near a road is another effective way of greatly improving overall levels of safety. In addition, children should be instructed on the proper way of riding a school bus to and from school. In short, when a school bus is moving, children should be instructed to always remain in their seats. Equally important is to avoid sticking hands, arms or even one’s head outside of the window when a school bus is moving or even when it is parked.

Stiff Penalties

When it comes to crossing guards, children can gain added levels of safety and security by taking full advantage of all that these important guards have to offer. Crossing guards are tasked with monitoring traffic beyond typical school zones. Most drivers know the importance of following all of the instructions of crossing guards. In fact, many municipalities provide for stiff penalties for drivers that choose to ignore the instructions of a crossing guard. Another great way to increase safety and security for children that are traveling to and from school is to dress them in brightly colored or light-colored clothing.

Pushing Or Shoving

Making children more visible to drivers is an important aspect of achieving the highest levels of safety possible. Children should also be instructed to always wait for the school bus to come to a complete stop and to extend its yellow bar prior to stepping into the road. This combined with teaching children the importance of not horse playing, pushing or shoving when getting on or off the school bus is essential. Finally, it should be made clear to children that it is never okay to chase after a school bus once it has left the bus stop. Contact Hastings and Hastings, a Phoenix personal injury attorney with years of experience if you have been injured through no fault of your own.