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Pedestrian Safety Tips

October 16, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

It is amazing but true, sometimes people prefer to walk, rather than drive. Or sometimes, they are just forced to walk. Sometimes, a destination may just be a block or two away and it makes sense to walk. For whatever reason they do it, people walk. Pedestrians should follow a few basic safety tips, as the road can be a dangerous place. Approximately 4,700 pedestrians a year are killed in traffic accidents. Following these suggestions can keep pedestrians from becoming a statistic.

Stay Visible

AAA reports that over 32 percent of all pedestrian fatalities happen between 8-12 pm. It is most dangerous for pedestrians when it is dark out. Drivers can easily miss seeing you and the consequences could be fatal. Pedestrians should wear bright, reflective clothing when they are out at night. It is always best to stay in well-lit areas. If you are stopped at an intersection with other stopped cars, try to make eye contact with drivers before you proceed across the intersections, to confirm they know you are there.

Avoid Distractions and Follow Rules

Cars are moving fast and you are slow, even the briefest of distractions could be fatal. Keep the phone in your pocket and don’t wear headphones. If you hear a car coming, you can have a few extra seconds to avoid it. Know traffic laws and follow them perfectly. Usually, pedestrians are given the right-of-way, but never make any assumptions. Let cars go first, they are not going to be the ones in pain if a mistake is made.

Alcohol Consumption

Nearly fifty percent of fatal pedestrian traffic accidents involve alcohol consumption. Alcohol makes it difficult to make calculations about speed and distance, which occur almost automatically when pedestrians are sober. Alcohol also impairs reflexes, which makes it difficult to avoid potentially dangerous situations.