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People and Entities Donald Trump has Sued

August 10, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Donald Trump is certainly a controversial public figure. Some laud his hard-working, enterprising ideals, others think he is the worst thing to happen to America since the Mason-Dixon line. Regardless of what side of the argument one contends, Donald Trump is an interesting figure worth a few minutes of anyone’s time. One aspect that helps piece together a portrait of Trump are his dealings in the legal field. Unsurprisingly, Trump is not afraid of a fight. He is willing to sue anyone or anything, and he cares little about how it affects his public image.

Lawsuit against Scotland 

In 2011, Trump sued Scotland (the country) for allegedly breaking an agreement not to construct a wind farm near Trump’s future golf course and hotel. Obviously it’s hard to see how a windfarm damaged the Trump organization. He probably claimed that windmills ruined his view. Regardless, Trump lost. Thankfully, this demonstrates that money cannot always buy justice. 

Suing New York

Another famous Donald Trump lawsuit is a case against the State of NY in which Trump alleged that a video game similar to Keno would bring a tremendous amount of crime and destroy business in the state. He argues that people would get addicted to the game and the gambling debt would prohibit them from paying rent or spending money (thus hurting the economy). However, amidst this surprising lawsuit Trump was raking in millions of dollars from Keno machines he commissioned at his hotel in Atlantic City. 

Other People Trump has sued

Here is a list of people Trump has sued without any analysis: Merv Griffin, The Chicago Tribune, Palm Beach, Florida, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Rosie O’Donnell, ex-wife Ivana, Mac Miller, ABC, Miss PA 2012, the Eastern Pequot Tribe.