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Playground Safety Tips

March 25, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Playground Safety Tips

One of the most enjoyable experiences for young children is to simply play and frolic at a playground with other children. However, it is important for parents to take into account these essential safety measures intended to make a trip to the playground more enjoyable and free of injury. Countless accidents and injuries occur each and every day across the country around playground areas. Staying safe in this regard is important to overall child health and wellness.

Supervise Children At All Times

Perhaps one of the most essential and important aspects of staying safe in the playground environment is to supervise children at all times. As children swing, jump, climb and run they can easily become injured. Monitoring children’s activity on the playground and instructing them in proper play can prevent accidents. Another great way of reducing the chances of an accident or injury while at a playground is to simply choose the types of playgrounds that make use of shock absorbing surfaces.

Rubber Playground Surfaces Are Incredibly Shock Absorbing

Today’s modern playgrounds take advantage of a wide range of materials that can reduce impact and reduce injury. From wood chips to mulch and pea gravel as well as sand and synthetic turf there are many options available today to those who install and maintain playgrounds. One material in particular that is being used increasingly across the country is that of rubber. Rubber playground surfaces are incredibly shock absorbing and can substantially reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries. Parents should avoid playgrounds that have concrete or asphalt surfaces whenever possible.

Items Can Get Caught On Playground Equipment

Finally, teaching children good etiquette when it comes to playing on the playground can also reduce accidents and unnecessary injuries. For example, teaching the basics when it comes to not shoving, pushing or crowding while on the playground can go a long way in keeping all kids safe. As an added note, dressing appropriately for a visit to the playground is also a good idea. Children should not wear clothing that has drawstrings or scarves. It is also a smart to remove any jewelry, necklaces or rings. These items can all get caught on playground equipment resulting in injury. Playing it safe on the playground is well worth the time and effort. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for personal injury attorney services in Phoenix.