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Preventing Accidental Falls Around The Home

March 20, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Preventing Accidental Falls Around The Home

Keeping children safe and secure and preventing falls can be as easy as considering a few important safety suggestions. For example, young infants and toddlers should always be strapped into a high chair or stroller to ensure that an accident does not occur. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions with regard to how to operate any type of infant or toddler related equipment. From swings to carriers and high chairs, proper operation is essential to avoiding accidents.

Emergency Release Device

Equally important is to make certain that all screens used on windows are properly installed. Making use of window guards and properly installing screens can prevent an unexpected fall from a window. Another excellent tip with regard to window safety is to install an emergency release device on second floor windows in the event that there is a fire or some other type of emergency. The use of safety gates and similar devices at the top and bottom of stairways can also reduce the chances of accidents.

Not All Gates Sold Today Are Considered Safe

When using gates to limit access to stairways it is important to ensure that they are properly installed or attached to the wall. This is another case for reading the manufacturer’s recommendations and is well worth the effort and time. As an added note, not all gates sold today are considered safe when used at the top of a stairway. Take the time to shop around and purchase a gate or safety device that is specifically intended for use on stairways. Securing furniture, TVs and other large items around the home can also reduce the incidence of accident and injury.

Reduce The Chances Of A Potential Accident

Many pieces of furniture sold today come with brackets and anchors that are intended to secure a piece of furniture to the wall so as to prevent a tip over. Tip over accidents relating to furniture have historically been responsible for a large number of serious accidents and even loss of life. Taking the time to secure furniture or a TV or other large object to the wall can greatly reduce the chances of a potential accident. This is a serious hazard that should not be overlooked. More and more furniture manufacturers are including brackets and anchors with newly purchased furniture for this very reason. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury legal representation in Phoenix.