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Preventing Accidents When Riding A Bicycle

August 20, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Preventing Accidents When Riding A Bicycle

Being a safer bicycle rider is best achieved through the careful consideration of some essential and important safety tips. For example, one of the most basic of safety tips with regard to being a cyclist is to always ensure your bicycle is in perfect condition and functioning properly. Checking to make certain all parts are tight and tire pressure is correct can reduce the chances of an accident. Other important considerations include checking to make sure the lights work correctly and that the brakes and chain are all in good condition.

Bicycle Riders Always Maintain A Defensive Stance

In addition, following traffic laws and using safety hand signals can further reduce the chances of an unintended accident. This combined with choosing less congested traffic routes can make for a more enjoyable and far safer bicycling experience. Equally important is to ensure that bicycle riders always maintain a defensive stance. This simply means knowing there are many instances where a motor-vehicle driver simply cannot see a bicyclist. Being a defensive cyclist is best achieved by leaving nothing to chance with regard to sharing the road with motor vehicles.

Poor Conditions Can Result In Catastrophic Injuries

Other safety tips often overlooked with regard to riding a bicycle include not wearing loose clothing and being cautious when riding in wet weather. Loose clothing can be very dangerous when riding a bicycle. This type of clothing can get caught in bicycles gears or even a bicycle chain. Riding in wet weather where roads are slick or icy can result in catastrophic injuries. Choosing where you ride but also the type of weather you ride in can make a big difference in how safe a cycling experience actually is.

Rocks And Potholes

Cyclists should also make certain they always have both hands firmly gripped on the brakes to ensure they can be applied quickly and decisively when necessary. Cyclists should also keep a watchful eye out for various types of road hazards such as obstacles, rocks and potholes. All this combined with wearing bright reflective gear can greatly enhance safety for cyclists of all ages. Contact Hastings and Hastings any time you have experienced injuries due to a Phoenix bicycle accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence.