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Preventing Dangers And Hazards Associated With Space Heaters

December 20, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Preventing Dangers And Hazards Associated With Space Heaters

As winter approaches, a growing number of people are turning to space heaters as a way to save money and stay warm at the same time. However, these efficient and readily available heating devices can cause a wide range of serious dangers and hazards for homeowners. Knowing in advance what to expect with regard to the dangers and hazards associated with space heaters can make their use far safer and more reliable.

Turn Off A Space Heater Prior To Leaving A Room

For example, one commonsense strategy with regard to space heaters is to never use this type of device to dry clothing or blankets. This is one of the fastest ways of starting a fire in the home. In addition, children and pets should be supervised at all times when a space heater is active and in use. These devices can become extremely hot and can cause serious burns or injury. As an added note, it should be a matter of habit to always turn off a space heater prior to leaving a room or going to sleep.

A Minimum Of Three Feet Should Be Maintained

Equally important is to ensure that a space heater is maintained at a safe distance away from anything that can ignite or catch fire. In most instances, experts would agree that a minimum of three feet should be maintained between a space heater and anything that is flammable or likely to catch fire. Another major consideration with regard to preventing dangers and hazards associated with space heaters is to only purchase equipment that has been adequately tested.

The Potential For Fire Or Injury

This can include buying a space heater that indicates that it was independently tested in a laboratory environment. In most cases, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) will make a notation on the documentation that comes with and electric space heater showing that it has indeed been tested by UL. Finally, reading and understanding all documentation and instructions that come with an electric space heater can greatly reduce the chances of the potential for fire or injury. An often-overlooked strategy for reducing the chances of injury or fire with regard to a space heater is to avoid using extension cords or an unsafe electrical outlet. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about experienced, dedicated and focused Phoenix personal injury legal representation.