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Preventing Microwave Oven Burn Related Accidents

January 25, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Preventing Microwave Oven Burn Related Accidents

Microwave ovens have proven over the years to provide a greater level of convenience than other types of more traditional cooking methods. However, as convenient and effective as microwave cooking is there are certain hazards and dangers that should be considered by those that routinely use microwave ovens to cook. For example, one of the easiest ways to avoid injury when it comes to cooking food in a microwave oven is to always stir food thoroughly after it has been heated.

Test The Temperature Of Foods

Stirring food thoroughly after heating in a microwave will mix hot and cool areas together and balance the temperature, ultimately avoiding potential burns. Another smart strategy for reducing the potential for burns when using a microwave oven is to always test the temperature of foods that have an outer shell or wrap. This is especially true with regard to giving children food that has been cooked in a microwave oven. “Pocket” type foods that are available in the frozen food section of grocery stores can cause serious burns if they are not cooked properly when using a microwave.

Out Of Reach Of Children

Prior to serving any type of “pocket” food to children it is important to make certain that the food has cooled adequately so as to prevent the burning of a child’s mouth. Equally of concern in this regard is to always make sure that food that is in the process of cooling is kept well out of reach of children. Many accidents have occurred in the past because parents have left hot food that is just out of the microwave unattended. Children unsuspectingly will pick up food and begin eating long before the food has actually cooled.

Operate A Microwave Oven In A Safe Way

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent burn injuries around the home with regard to microwave ovens is to always supervise children and make sure that they have been adequately trained on how to use this type of appliance. Children should be old enough and tall enough to operate a microwave oven in a safe way. Many microwave ovens that are mounted above a countertop. This can result in a serious burn hazard when it comes to hot liquids that can easily be spilled. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about Mesa personal injury attorney assistance.