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Proper Lifting Techniques As A Way To Prevent Injury

February 2, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Proper Lifting Techniques As A Way To Prevent Injury

A large number of accidents and injuries occur each and every year across the country due to improper lifting technique. Whether it is lifting heavy objects in the home or lifting heavy objects in the workplace, one thing is certain and that is that improper lifting is costly both from a medical standpoint and from a financial standpoint. When lifting boxes or odd shaped items, lifting with the back is never recommended.

Better Lifted With Help From A Second Person

A better approach to lifting heavy objects is to lift with the back straight and using the muscles of the legs. In addition, any time an individual attempts to lift a box where the weight is not known it is recommended that the box first be moved a little on the ground to help determine its approximate weight. An excessively heavy box would be better lifted with help from a second person. A team-lift is a far more sensible way of lifting a heavy object as a way to prevent serious back problems.

Nonskid Shoes Ensure Firm Footing When Lifting Heavy Items

Another way to improve safety when lifting heavy objects is to wear nonskid shoes. This is critical because the lifting motion can easily cause an individual to slip and fall. Even more catastrophic is when a fall occurs and heavy objects fall on top of an individual. This can put almost anyone on the fast track to a hospital visit. Nonskid shoes ensure firm footing when lifting heavy items. Another essential technique when lifting heavy objects is to avoid bending at the waist. When bending at the waist, the back will ultimately be used in the lifting process. This is not a good idea.

Adopting The Right Type Of Lifting Procedures

Equally of concern is the undesirable motion of jerking the body when lifting. This can create sprains, strains and even serious injury. In many instances, improper lifting will have no immediate impact on the body. However, within a few days or longer the body will show clear signs that improper lifting had occurred earlier. Avoiding accidents and injuries associated with lifting heavy objects simply means being proactive when it comes to adopting the right type of lifting procedures. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about focused and dedicated personal injury legal representation in Phoenix Arizona.