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Public Parking Garage And Parking Lot Personal Safety

February 13, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Public Parking Garage And Parking Lot Personal Safety

With the crime rate increasing across the country and around the world it is more important than ever before to consider all aspects of personal safety. Public parking garage areas and parking lots are areas that are typically known for increased levels of crime. That said there are some easy and sensible ways of increasing personal safety when departing or arriving into or out of a public parking garage or parking lot.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Vehicle

For example, cars are a well-known hiding place for thieves. That is why it is so essential to make certain when approaching your vehicle that you look inside prior to opening the vehicle door. Criminals and thieves will typically crouch down and hide in the backseat of a car and attack the vehicle owner once they have entered the vehicle. Be vigilant, be aware and thoroughly inspect your vehicle before opening the door. It is equally important to move with decisive actions and have a well-defined purpose when walking through a garage or parking lot.

Use Personal Items For Protection

Thieves and criminals will typically look for individuals that look confused, preoccupied or afraid. Avoid attracting the attention of would-be thieves and criminals by looking confident, determined and focused. Another excellent way of reducing the chances of being attacked in a parking lot or garage is to always be ready to use personal items for protection. Keys, a large bag or purse or other similar object can be used as self-defense to protect one’s self from an attack. Having a heavy-duty pepper spray bottle on hand is also useful.

Suspicious People Or Suspicious Activity

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to avoid a confrontation in a parking lot or garage is to always move about in a group. Those in a work environment that are uncomfortable leaving work and walking into a parking lot or garage alone should request that another employee escort them to their car. This is a simple and sensible way of staying safe. Finally, when parking at a store or other destination it is always advisable to park as close as possible to the building in a well-lit area. As an added note, reporting suspicious people or suspicious activity can help others by preventing potential criminal activity. Contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, Hastings and Hastings if you have been injured through no fault of your own.