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Reducing The Dangers Associated With Stairways In The Home

February 15, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Reducing The Dangers Associated With Stairways In The Home

There are many situations and conditions that can contribute to a slip and fall related accident around the home. From the kitchen to the bathroom and in hallways as well as virtually every other part of the home, there is always the potential for a slip and fall accident. Stairways typically found in homes today are particularly of concern when it comes to this type of accident. Knowing what to expect in this regard can reduce the chances of an accident or injury.

Keep The Stairs Clean And Clear

For example, one of the easiest and most obvious ways to reduce the chances of a fall or slip that leads to a slip is to simply keep the stairs clean and clear at all times. Clutter, debris and even children’s toys can present serious hazards when it comes to falling on the stairs. Equally important is to make certain that stairs are well lit and that light switches are easily accessible from both the top and bottom of the stairway.

Tripping And Falling Due To Carpeting

Attempting to navigate a set of stairs in the dark is a sure way to fall and become injured. The use of night-lights along the stairway can also be an excellent safety measure with regard to better stairway safety. In addition, with stairways that are carpeted it is important to make sure that carpeting is properly attached and not loose or separated. Tripping and falling due to carpeting that is improperly installed or that has become separated from the floor or stair surface is a common occurrence. Proper care and maintenance of stairway carpeting is essential to home safety.

Repairing Any Loose Or Separated Wood Boards

One excellent approach with regard to improving the safety of stairways is to consider using nonslip treads on stairs that are not carpeted or that have exposed wood or tile. Equally effective is that of installing handrails so that they extend the entire length of the stairway on each side of the walking path. Finally, replacing or repairing any loose or separated wood boards on a wooden stairway is important to overall long-term safety. As an added note, having regular eye exams to ensure proper vision can also reduce the chances of an accidental fall on stairs. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix slip and fall accident legal representation.