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Safety Concepts That Can Be Implemented In The Office

February 10, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Safety Concepts That Can Be Implemented In The Office

Working in an office comes with many benefits today, however there are occasions where injuries and accidents do occur in the office environment. That said there are easy and useful safety concepts that every office worker should consider as a way to stay safe. For example, something as simple as sitting in the right way in a chair can reduce the potential for injury. Sitting upright with the feet firmly on the floor when working at a desk can reduce worker related injuries.

Limit Vision

While this may sound funny, many accidents have occurred where an office worker tries to sit down when the chair has actually rolled away. This results in a fall that can cause serious injury. Always look prior to sitting. Equally important is to avoid carrying an excess number of items from one part of an office to another. Carrying too many items can limit vision and can easily cause a slip and fall related accident. It is also important to never run when in the office environment. There are many sharp and dangerous objects present that can cause an injury when running.

Never Read While Walking

Office workers should also be aware and alert to the possibility of liquids or other slippery items on the floor. While most offices have hard surface floors or carpeting, there are many situations and conditions that can result in a slip or a fall. It is easy to become distracted in an office environment and that is why it is always recommended to never read while walking in the office. Many accidents have occurred over the years for this very reason. Staying alert and focusing on the task at hand (such as walking) is always the best choice.

Using Handrails At All Times

In addition, when working in an office environment where there are multiple floors and a staircase it is essential to always hold the handrails when walking up or down the stairs. Countless accidents have occurred over the years because office workers were rushing up or down the stairs without using the handrails. A better option is to use an elevator if it is available. If there is no elevator, office workers should get into the habit of using handrails at all times when transitioning the stairs. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix Arizona personal injury representation.