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Safety Measures Designed To Make Children Safer Pedestrians

November 11, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Safety Measures Designed To Make Children Safer Pedestrians

Children are more at risk in many instances than adults when it comes to being involved in some type of accident as a pedestrian. There are many reasons this is true including the fact that children tend to behave more erratically when walking along a street or road. In addition, children are smaller and sometimes more difficult for drivers to see. This is a major concern when children are walking alone rather than in a group.

Be Aware Of Vehicular Traffic

One important safety measure that should always be considered is to never talk on a cell phone or text while walking. These activities result in obvious distractions that can make it more difficult to be aware of vehicular traffic. Children pedestrians should be taught that when talking on the telephone or texting is absolutely necessary, it is best to move off and away from the road and talk or text as necessary. The best strategy in this regard is to simply stop walking altogether to handle any calls or texting that is required.

Put Away All Electronic Devices

Equally important is to avoid entering a crosswalk or an intersection while using any type of electronic device. From smart phones to tablets and even small handheld computers, being engaged in some type of activity on an electronic device while crossing at an intersection is a recipe for disaster. Children should be instructed to put away all electronic devices before attempting to cross an intersection. Another essential safety measure designed to keep children pedestrians as safe as possible is to never walk with headphones on.

Pedestrian Safety Is A Serious Matter

Listening to music with headphones can greatly limit one’s ability to hear automobiles and other sounds associated with motor vehicles. Child pedestrians must understand the importance of never wearing headphones when walking in and around traffic and motor vehicles. This is particularly important when it comes to walking in areas that are congested or where large amounts of traffic are present. Children should get in the habit of wearing bright and reflective clothing so that they are more visible to drivers. Pedestrian safety is a serious matter as a large number of children are injured each and every year across the country because they come into contact with a moving vehicle. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for experienced and focused Phoenix personal injury legal assistance.