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Safety Precautions To Avoid A Dog Attack

August 8, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Safety Precautions As A Way To Avoid A Dog Attack

In more cases than not dogs are gentle, caring and loving creatures that make wonderful household pets. However, there are certain breeds of dogs and certain occasions where dogs can become dangerous, vicious and even life threatening. When this is indeed the case it is important to consider a few safety precautions as a way to avoid a dog attack. Following these simple strategies can sometimes make the difference of being bitten or not being bitten by a dog.

Rolling Into A Ball And Protecting One’s Face

One fact that is not widely known is that any time an individual is knocked down by a dog there is a strategy that can be incorporated in order to reduce the chances of injury. This includes simply rolling into a ball and protecting one’s face with one’s hands as a way to prevent injury. Another sensible strategy when a dog attack is imminent is to place some type of object between you and the dog. This can include everything from a chair to a bicycle or garbage can.

Allowing A Dog To Sniff You

Having some type of buffer between you and a vicious dog can make a big difference in how the situation turns out. One way to avoid a dog bite is quite commonly known and involves simply allowing a dog to sniff you before petting the animal. This is an age-old strategy that works. Most importantly, it is always advisable to never disturb a dog that is in the middle of eating, sleeping or perhaps even caring for puppies. Agitating a dog in this way can often result in a dog bite.

Preventing A Provoked Or Unprovoked Dog Bite

Finally, avoiding erratic behavior including running, jumping or some type of other aggressive behavior can agitate a dog and ultimately lead to a dog attack. If a dog is aggressive and does threaten you it is a good idea to remain calm and avoid running away. Avoiding eye contact and staying quiet without moving can often result in a dog simply walking away. These strategies along with exercising common sense can go a long way in preventing a provoked or unprovoked dog bite from happening. Any time a dog bite incident does happen in Phoenix, injury victim should contact Hastings and Hastings, a Phoenix personal injury attorney.