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Safety Tips For Children Riding In A Car

November 18, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Safety Tips For Children Riding In A Car

Children can sometimes present a major distraction for adults operating a motor vehicle. With that said, there are some straightforward and easy-to-implement safety tips that can greatly increase overall safety when operating a motor vehicle with children as passengers. For example, teaching children to immediately buckle up when they enter an automobile can help to reduce the chances of a child missing this important safety step.

Yelling And Jumping Around

Children should also be instructed to never share a safety belt with another child. This is an unsafe condition that can easily result in serious injury if there is ever a crash. Teach kids to never distract the driver of an automobile. This includes teaching children to sit quietly and calmly while in the back of an automobile. Yelling and jumping around has caused many accidents over the years. Taking the time to explain in detail to children why it is important to not distract the driver is well worth the effort.

Height And Weight Requirements

Another key safety consideration when operating a motor vehicle with children on board is to always keep children under the age of 12 in the backseat. This is especially important when children are riding in an automobile that has airbags. Children under 12 can be seriously and even fatally injured by airbags. Parents should always play it safe and keep children under 12 years of age in the backseat without exception. Equally important is to ensure that a booster seat is used for children who do not meet the height and weight requirements to sit comfortably in the rear seat of an automobile without a booster.

Cause A Major Distraction To A Driver

From driving children to school to running errands with children in a car, there are many instances where children can become injured if there is ever a crash or impact. Following these simple yet important safety tips can go a long way in keeping children safe while operating a motor vehicle. Children should also be taught the importance of never throwing anything in an automobile that is moving. Tossing items around the back of a car that may land in the front seat can cause a major distraction to a driver. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury law for those who have been injured through no fault of their own.