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Safety Tips For Driving During Widespread Flooding

October 24, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Safety Tips For Driving During Widespread Flooding

Every year in the valley dozens of people encounter serious and widespread flooding that results in accidents, injuries and even loss of life. With that said, there are some safety tips for driving during widespread flooding that every resident of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area should consider. For example, it is important to never drive through standing water or moving water. Even more important is what to do if floodwaters rise around a vehicle.

Rapidly Moving Water

In this situation it is best to simply abandon the car and find higher ground as quickly as possible. As with driving through water, when walking it is important to avoid walking through any type of moving water. This is a sure way to be swept away unexpectedly. Surprisingly, even just a few inches of rapidly moving water can cause injury to unsuspecting individuals. When there is no other choice but to walk in water it is important to try and walk where the water is not moving or where water is moving the slowest.

Electrical Shock That Can Result In Serious Injury

One easy way to test the ground ahead of you as you walk is to use a stick to prod the ground as a way to determine where it is safe to tread. Equally important is to avoid touching electrical equipment when wet and standing in water. This is a sure way to cause electrical shock that can result in serious injury or even loss of life. If an electrical line is down somewhere or electrical equipment looks to be malfunctioning it is always a good idea to contact the electrical company or utility company as soon as possible to notify them of the situation.

Bridges And Roads Collapsing Under The Weight Of A Typical Passenger Car

Flooding can be insidious and can happen quickly which is why it is important for the residents for Phoenix to be prepared and have a plan well in advance. Listen to news reports and watch current weather conditions as a way to know in advance when flooding may indeed occurred. Other concerns with regard to widespread flooding include weak roads and the possibility of bridges and roads collapsing under the weight of a typical passenger car. Contact Hastings & Hastings, a Phoenix Arizona personal injury attorney anytime you have been injured due to the negligence of another individual.