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Safety Tips For Homeowners When Dealing With A Flash Flood

August 24, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Safety Tips For Homeowners When Dealing With A Flash Flood

It seems that monsoon season arrives right on schedule each and every year in the desert southwest. While these massive rainstorms can bring much-needed relief in terms of moisture and water, they can also cause serious property damage and personal injury due to flash flooding. As such, there are a few safety tips that homeowners should consider when being confronted with a flash flood.

Never Underestimate The Potential Of Water

While municipalities do a good job of alerting homeowners to the potential for a flash flood these weather related events can often be unexpected and can indeed develop very quickly. Torrential rain and heavy downpours can result in massive amounts of water that has no place to go. When this happens runoff conditions create a dangerous scenario that may cause injury and even loss of life. Because this is often the case it is important for those experiencing flash flood conditions to never underestimate the potential of water to cause damage, injury and death.

A Flash Flood Event

Those that live in an area that is prone to flash floods should have an evacuation plan available and accessible at all times. In addition, homeowners should store materials that can be used during a flash flood event. This includes everything from plastic sheeting and sandbags to other construction materials that can be used to protect the occupants of a building from floodwaters. With that said, it is always important to store items above expected flood levels. In addition to being stored high and away from water these items should also be adequately secured so they do not simply float away.

Reduce The Impact Of Property Damage

Another important safety tip that is essential to ensuring the safety of everyone is to seek high ground as quickly as possible when the onset of a flash flood is imminent. Other preventative measures can also be implemented long before a flash flood occurs. This includes talking with your insurance company with regard to acquiring flood insurance coverage. Homeowners should know that flood losses are not typically included in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Staying proactive in this regard can greatly reduce the impact of property damage caused by severe flooding. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix personal injury legal assistance when you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.