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Safety Tips When Driving Into The Sun

November 3, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Safety Tips When Driving Into The Sun

Everyone enjoys the pleasure of driving on a clear sunny day. Incredible scenery and natural beauty abound when the weather is cooperating. However, there are many hazards associated with driving on a clear and sunny day that should be considered by conscientious and safe drivers. For example, driving directly into the sun can greatly compromise a driver’s view. This is especially true when a driver becomes mesmerized and stares directly into the sun while operating a motor vehicle.

Exercise Extreme Caution

While it is less likely that driving into the sun will be an issue at high noon, sunrise and sunset can often cause discomfort and distraction to drivers. One of the best ways to directly address sun glare while driving a car is to simply slow down and exercise extreme caution. Nothing could be truer in this regard than when operating a vehicle in a school zone. The sun can greatly limit one’s vision through the windshield of an automobile making it almost impossible to see pedestrians or bicyclists.

Key Safety Measures

Even the possibility of impacting another vehicle is greatly increased when vision is limited by sun glare. Some simple strategies for reducing the hazards associated with sun glare include investing in a pair of high quality polarized sunglasses. Another key safety measures that should be taken with regard the sun glare is to utilize the automobile’s sun visor. This is an excellent way to block the sun and make driving under these conditions more manageable. Adding additional space between the cars ahead can also reduce the negative effects associated with sun glare.

Keeping The Windshield Clean

Having additional space to stop and to avoid a collision is a valuable commodity when sun glare is making it difficult to see and drive. Another great strategy for making the operation of a motor vehicle safer when driving into the sun is to simply turn on one’s headlights. This makes a car more visible to other drivers and reduces the possibility of an accident. Finally, by keeping the windshield clean and free of debris and damage, drivers will be less likely to feel the negative effects of driving into the sun. Follow these simple strategies and enjoy safe and accident free driving when driving into the sun. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury attorney assistance.