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Sensible Tips For Sharing The Road With Big Trucks

January 1, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Sensible Tips For Sharing The Road With Big Trucks

Big trucks that operate on today’s crowded highways, streets and roads can cause a serious safety concern for passenger vehicles. These large and massive trucks have caused many accidents over the years due sometimes to the negligence of a truck driver or some other unfortunate event. One simple way of preventing a potential impact with a large truck on the highway is to always avoid blind spots. Making certain that a truck driver sees you in their rear view mirror is essential.

Maintaining A Constant Speed

In addition to avoiding blind spots it is critical to pass trucks with caution. To ensure maximum visibility it is always recommended to pass a large truck on the left side. Maintaining a constant speed and a heightened sense of awareness when passing a big truck on the highway is always the best strategy. Along the same lines it is important not to linger next to a truck driving down the highway. Either pass the truck or stay well behind the truck or well ahead of the truck.

Give Trucks Space

These simple strategies will reduce the chances of an accident. Most importantly, passenger car drivers should never cut a truck off. This is a key consideration because heavy 18-wheeler type trucks cannot stop as quickly as a small car. Give trucks the added space and respect that they deserve as a way to avoid accidents. These large vehicles can be incredibly dangerous when an impact occurs. Another key strategy for reducing the chances of impacting with a large truck on the highway is to lower your bright lights.

Approaching A Large Truck From Behind

Bright headlights can easily reflect off of the large side mirrors of a big truck and temporarily blind the truck driver. Be courteous and cautious and always lower the bright lights when approaching a large truck from behind. All this combined with merging with care and signaling early can serve to increase safety. Signaling early is one of the best ways to give a large truck the opportunity to slow down as soon as possible. The inability of a heavy truck to slow down as quickly as a passenger car can slow is well documented. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another individual contact the Arizona personal injury law firm of Hastings and Hastings today.