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Tips For Sharing The Road With 18-Wheeler Trucks

August 15, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Typical 18-wheeler trucks seen on the road today are massive, powerful and potentially extremely dangerous to passenger vehicles. Many accidents have happened over the years between large trucks and passenger vehicles causing incredible damage and untold injuries. In many of these cases permanent injury and fatalities often occur. Avoiding the dangers 18-wheeler trucks present sometimes means following a few basic safety precautions. Our Phoenix truck accident attorneys explain:

Large Trucks Are Massive And Weigh Tens Of Thousands Of Pounds

Perhaps the most obvious tip with regard to sharing the road safely with semi trucks is to simply maintain a safe distance. In fact, many experts recommend doubling or even tripling the distance normally maintained between other passenger cars when driving around semi-trucks. Another important concern with regard to sharing the road with these big rigs is to consider the condition of the roads being traveled. For example, large trucks are massive and weigh tens of thousands of pounds simply require a greater distance to stop. When driving around large trucks where roads are wet or slick exercise extreme caution.

Stay Buckled Up And Avoid Distractions

Passing a large 18-wheeler truck can be a dangerous situation that requires additional care and the total undivided attention of a passenger car driver. This is especially true due to the fact that large semi trucks often have difficulty seeing small passenger cars as they attempt to pass. Flashing headlights and tapping the horn to warn a trucker of an imminent pass is always a good idea as a way to avoid a potential accident. These simple tips along with staying buckled up and avoiding distractions while driving can go a long way in preventing a confrontation with a massive 18-wheeler truck.

Get Adequate Rest Prior To Taking To The Roads

Finally, and perhaps most importantly enjoying the highest levels of safety in any situation while driving on today’s modern highways simply means staying alert at all times. Being aware of other drivers including truckers and staying proactive with regard to safe driving practices greatly reduce the chances of being involved in an automobile accident. Drivers of both passenger vehicles and trucks should always ensure they have had adequate rest prior to taking to the roads. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury legal services in Phoenix that are offered at a discount rate.