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Signs And Indications Of Impaired Driving

February 27, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Impaired driving is a serious concern for those driving a vehicle as well as innocent pedestrians and the drivers of other vehicles. That said knowing the signs and indications of impaired driving can greatly reduce the chances of being involved in an accident associated with an impaired driver. One of the most essential aspects of being a defensive driver is to know when another driver is indeed impaired in some way.

Frequent Lane Changes

From alcohol to drugs and lack of sleep, there are many situations that can contribute to impaired driving. Regardless of the source of the impairment, here are some straightforward indications that the driver of an automobile may be impaired in some way. Frequent lane changes may indicate that a driver has some type of impairment. This combined with swerving when passing and driving excessively fast or excessively slow can also indicate that there may be a problem. A driver that ignores signs and traffic signals may also potentially be impaired.

Windows Down

Erratic driving that includes jerky starts and stops along with driving during the evening hours without headlights turned on can also provide valuable information with regard to a driver being impaired. Drivers that have been drinking or using drugs or that are lacking sleep may also be noticed sitting for extensive periods of time at a stop sign or stoplight. Drivers that have some type of impairment may also drive to close to the shoulder of the road or the curb. Drivers who have been drinking too much or that have been using drugs may also drive with the windows down during periods of cold weather.

Jot Down The License Plate Number

Any time an impaired driver is encountered it is always recommended that alert and defensive drivers never confront an individual who is impaired. The best strategy in this regard is to simply jot down the license plate number of the suspected impaired driver and a basic description of the vehicle in question. Once this information has been gathered it is advised to call 911 to alert the authorities as soon as possible. Many people become seriously injured and loss of life events occur each and every day across the country due to impaired drivers. Know what to look for in this regard as a way to stay safe. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a focused Phoenix personal injury lawyer.