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Simple And Obvious Safety Tips When A Haboob Strikes

August 26, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Simple And Obvious Safety Tips When A Haboob Strikes

Arizona is known for beautiful and delightful weather year round, however there are certain times of the year when weather events can create hazards. One such example is when monsoon season approaches and windstorms result in severe dust storms. With that said, following a few simple and obvious safety tips when a windstorm or haboob strikes can greatly reduce the chances of being injured or having property damaged.

Keeping Seatbelts Fastened

While there are many essential safety considerations when a windstorm is present, such as not stopping in the middle-of-the-road, there are a few less common safety essentials that are worth noting. For example, keeping seatbelts fastened in a vehicle while waiting out a storm is a smart way to increase safety. High-speed winds that are violent and abrupt can cause a vehicle to move about and even turn upside down in some rare cases. Stay safe by always keeping seatbelts fastened even when a vehicle is turned off and parked.

Stay Away From Doors And Windows

Another great safety tip that is very obvious yet sometimes overlooked is to never stand outdoors while a dust storm is in progress. This is a sure way to become seriously injured in a violent haboob. Not only is it a good idea to avoid being outdoors during a dust storm, it is also wise to stay away from doors and windows. Wind speed in a haboob can approach the speeds found in some of the world’s most dangerous hurricanes. These high-speed winds can lift large objects and hurl them through windows causing injury or loss of life.

Using Common Sense And Being Cautious

Homeowners should also make it a point to stay on the ground floor and at the center of any structure, preferably in a room with no windows to ensure the greatest degree of safety. Avoiding broken glass, flying projectiles and the effects of sandblasting is best achieved by following this simple strategy. While every windstorm is different, the end results can ultimately be the same. Severe damage, severe injury and even loss of life are frequent in these dangerous weather conditions. When a haboob strikes, using common sense and being cautious in all respects can go a long way in preventing damage and injury. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix personal injury legal assistance anytime there has been injury or loss of life.