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Simple Tips For Improved Medication Safety

March 17, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Simple Tips For Improved Medication Safety

Maintaining the highest safety standards when it comes to storing and administering medication is important in order to avoid injury and loss of life. For example, all medicine and pharmaceutical drugs should always be kept out of sight at all times. Medication of any kind should be kept out of reach of children. It is a statistical fact that three out of every four emergency room encounters are the result of poisoning caused by accidental medication consumption.

Always Make Full Use Of Medication Dosing Devices

Another important aspect of medication safety is to keep lotions and other potentially toxic items out of reach and out of sight of children. Something as simple as vitamins, eye drops or even diaper rash medication can become toxic if ingested in an excessive way or taken at all. Another excellent way of improving medication safety is to always make full use of dosing devices. These types of devices typically come with medication and can ensure that the proper dosage is administered.

Preventing Medication Related Accidents And Injuries

Most importantly, these devices are far more accurate than a teaspoon or tablespoon found in a kitchen. As a rule, whenever a medication comes with a dosing device it should be used as recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions. Another way to prevent accidents with regard to medication is to always avoid leaving medication in a purse, on a nightstand or other area where a child may gain access. In most instances common sense can go a long way in preventing medication related accidents and injuries. Medicine poisonings happened each and every day across the country and can easily be avoided by taking into account these simple tips.

If A Medical Emergency Does Occur Because Of Medication

One simple strategy for being prepared if there is a medical emergency such as a medication error or accident is to always have a poison hotline number available and visible. A number in an obvious and conspicuous place in the home can provide parents, caregivers and babysitters with the information they need if a medical emergency does occur because of medication. In addition to the poison hotline it is also a good idea to have the main number to a local hospital readily available. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that is focused on helping and dedicated to assisting clients.