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Simple Tips For Reducing Fall Related Accidents

February 18, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Simple Tips For Reducing Fall Related Accidents

Falling down in either an indoor or outdoors type environment often results in some type of injury. The magnitude of the injury can vary substantially depending on the conditions where the fall occurs and the age and health of the individual falling. That said heeding a few simple safety tips can have a profound effect on reducing circumstances and situations that typically result in a fall related accident.

Nonslip Shoes Are Widely Available Today

For example, proper shoe selection is an essential aspect of preventing falls. The right shoes can make all the difference in young and old alike when it comes to avoiding a fall that results in injury. Those purchasing shoes for this purpose should consider the slickness of shoe soles and the type of heel found on the shoe. Nonslip shoes are widely available today and recommended. In addition, tying shoelaces properly can reduce the chances of an accidental fall. Employers should educate employees on the importance of wearing the right type of footwear for their unique and specific duties.

Free Of Obstructions And Clutter

Another key aspect with regard to reducing fall related accidents is to ensure that proper lighting is always maintained. Poor lighting at home or in the workplace can easily and unsuspecting cause a serious fall related accident. Staircases, hallways, construction areas, ramps and basements as well as other areas should be kept well illuminated at all times. Equally important is to make certain that walkways and paths are always free of obstructions and clutter. This is especially true with regard to walkways and paths that are not well lighted.

Maintained In A Clean And Organized Fashion

In the home environment it is always advisable to have low-level lighting in use. This includes nightlights and other small types of lamps that can be used throughout the bedroom, in hallways and in the bathroom. Many fall related accidents occur in the middle of the night when an individual is trying to navigate from the bedroom to the bathroom. Avoiding this type of accident can be as simple as having a generous amount of low-level lighting available throughout the home. As an added note, work areas and workspaces should always have ample amounts of illumination and be maintained in a clean and organized fashion. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury legal representation in Arizona.