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Smart And Effective Strategies For Avoiding Dog Bites

August 7, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Smart And Effective Strategies For Avoiding Dog Bites

Dogs make great companions, however there are dogs that are predisposed to biting more than others. As a pedestrian or innocent bystander it is sometimes possible to be bitten by another person’s dog unexpectedly. When this happens it is essential to seek medical attention as quickly as possible and to also consult with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix. This is especially true because dog bites can result in more complicated medical conditions.

Dogfight And Dog Play

Most tips with regard to avoiding dog bites involved simple common sense strategies that can easily be implemented. For example, any time there is a dog nearby or in the immediate area that looks vicious or unruly it is important to leave the area as soon as possible. Staying in an area where a vicious dog is located can only result in an eventual dog bite. It is also important to note the difference between a genuine dogfight and dog play. When two dogs are aggressive and fighting this can ultimately lead to an individual being bitten.

Medical Conditions

If two aggressive dogs are outwardly fighting it is wise to move away and evacuate the area as soon as possible. Most importantly, never try to break up a dogfight as this will likely result in serious injury. Because it is always uncertain if a stray dog or a dog owned by another individual has all of their necessary shots, a dog bite can ultimately result in serious illness. From broken skin that requires stitches to serious medical conditions associated with bites from a dog that is not current on shots, being bitten by a dog is a serious concern.

Injury Or Hazard

Whether it is in a dog park or simply a stroll through the neighborhood, stray dogs and dogs owned by other individuals can be a serious concern. Any time a vicious stray dog is encountered on the loose it is essential to call animal control as soon as possible. These professionals can typically remove a vicious animal that could cause injury or hazard to adults and children alike. Dogs are wonderful pets that provide enjoyable experiences that are simply beyond compare. However, unfamiliar dogs acting in a vicious or outwardly aggressive way are simply dangerous and should be avoided. Contact Hastings and Hastings if you have experienced a dog bite in Phoenix that has resulted in injury.