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Smart And Effective Ways Of Avoiding Dog Bites

December 21, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Smart And Effective Ways Of Avoiding Dog Bites

Dogs are wonderful and intriguing creatures that provide companionship and friendship that is simply beyond compare. However, there are cases and incidents where dog bite related accidents do occur. One of the best ways to avoid a dog bite is to simply consider a few easy commonsense strategies. For example, avoid purchasing or acquiring a dog breed that has a history of aggression.

Research And Explore

There are many dog breeds that were specifically bred to be aggressive and violent. Those wishing to purchase or adopt a pet should take the time to research and explore all options when it comes to choosing a particular breed of dog. This is an easy and sensible way of avoiding unexpected dog bites. This is especially true with regard to those who have children in the home. Most experts would agree that some dog breeds are clearly better than others when it comes to a household where children are present.

A More Informed Decision

As an added note, those considering adopting or purchasing a dog should consider their lifestyle and general environment. Talking with an experienced breeder or other professional is often the best place to begin when choosing to add a dog to one’s lifestyle. One great way to make a more informed decision when choosing to purchase or adopt a dog is to simply spend time with the animal prior to actually making the commitment. Getting to know a dog and its personality can often have a big impact on one’s final decision on whether or not to bring a particular animal into the home environment.

Ensure That Accidental Bites Do Not Occur

Finally, parents should instruct children to never interrupt a dog that is caring for puppies. In addition, children or anyone else for that matter should always avoid interrupting a dog that is eating or sleeping. This is a sure way for an accident to occur. In fact, in some instances a dog may bite just out of instinct while really meaning no harm. Give dogs and other pets the respect that they deserve and help to ensure that accidental bites do not occur. Dogs offer many wonderful experiences and can be enjoyed for many years when following a few simple safety tips. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a personal injury law firm in Phoenix Arizona.