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Smoke Alarm Maintenance Strategies For Homeowners

April 6, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Strategies For Homeowners

Smoke alarms provide an excellent added layer of protection for homeowners when it comes to unexpected fires. However, even the best smoke alarm system can be of little use if it is not properly maintained. One of the first steps in maintaining a smoke alarm system in the best condition is to simply check the entire system once each month. Making sure that the system is working properly can save lives.

Annual Replacement Is Not Required

Another good reason to test smoke-alarms throughout a home each month is that it helps children become more familiar with the system and how to react to the sound. In addition, replacing batteries for each smoke alarm every year can improve reliability and dependability. Alternately, homeowners can choose to install 10-year batteries in all smoke alarms so that annual replacement is not required. Even when these types of batteries are installed it is still important to conduct a smoke alarm test every month.

Various Types Of Hazards

Another key consideration when it comes to preventing injury associated with home fires is to install new detectors at least once every 10 years. Each smoke alarm manufacturer has different recommendations in this regard and that is why it is important to read all of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Homeowners should always keep in mind that smoke alarms like other appliances intended to protect from various types of hazards do expire over time. When one hears the chirping sound associated with a smoke detector it is important to react correctly. For example, simply unplugging a smoke alarm or removing the batteries to stop the chirping sound can make a smoke alarm completely ineffective.

Fire Related Safety Around The Home

The right option is to replace the batteries when the chirping or warning sound is indicating that battery power is low. As an added note, homeowners should make it a habit to use a vacuum to clean smoke alarms at regular intervals. Dust, lint and cobwebs can cause a smoke alarm to malfunction or not perform as intended. Consider these simple yet important smoke alarm maintenance strategies as a way to increase overall levels of fire related safety around the home. Contact Hastings and Hastings today if you have been injured due to the negligence of another individual. Phoenix personal injury legal representation is always just a call away.