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Specific Winter Personal Injury Concerns

January 18, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Every season has its own specifics concerns regarding personal injuries and accidents. During the winter, there is an increased chance of individuals experiencing home fires, scalds, or slips and falls. By learning why these accidents occur more frequently during the winter, we can do our best to prevent and avoid them.

Home Fires

Over 50 percent of home fires occur during the months of November, December, and January. Home fires can result in massive property damage and terrible personal injuries. Home heating systems, open fires, and holiday decorations are common causes of winter home fires. Keep anything that can burn at least 5 feet away from open flames. Schedule an inspection of your furnace with a professional. Check the condition of all holiday lights. Frayed wiring can start fires. If you use a fireplace, clean the chimney and flue.


Scalds are a type of burn that results from exposure to hot water. Scalds are common in the winter time as individuals crank up the heat for their showers and baths. Hot water heaters should never be set at a temperature above 140 degrees. I you are taken by surprise by overly hot water, you can be scalded before you have time to react. There may be a liability issues involved. Always, your first step after being injured should be to contact a healthcare professional.

Holiday Slips & Falls

In the active holiday season, slips and falls occur with increased frequency. The house is packed with family members and everyone is running around like made. People slip on water spilt on the kitchen floor, or they trip over a new Christmas toy left on the stairs. In colder climates, slick surfaces such as frozen sidewalks contribute further to slip and falls accidents.