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Sporting Event Tailgate Party Safety Tips And Tricks

November 9, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Sporting Event Tailgate Party Safety Tips And Tricks

Staying safe with regard to a sporting event related tailgate party is essential to ensuring everyone has the best time possible. For example, planning carefully and in a detailed manner is one of the best ways to make certain a tailgate party goes great. One way to make a tailgating party as convenient as possible is to choose the right types of food. For example, avoiding raw meats, fish and poultry can greatly reduce the chances of ingesting contaminated food.

Wrap Each Sandwich Individually

A better choice in this regard is to select foods such as cookies and cakes, peanut butter, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. These foods are far less likely to harbor harmful bacteria and contaminants that can make people sick. Wrapping sandwiches individually is another great way of reducing the chances of anyone at a tailgate party contracting food poisoning. Wrap each sandwich individually and then store them in sealed plastic bags. The entire batch of sandwiches should then be kept in the refrigerator just prior to being packed.

Stored In Re-Sealable Food Containers

Equally important is to ensure that beverages such as milk, juice and soda are all refrigerated and kept cool until just prior to departing for a tailgate party. These items should all be transferred into a cooler that has a generous amount of ice. Keeping everything cool and below 41°F will help to ensure that no one becomes ill during a sporting event or tailgate party. Poultry, raw meat and eggs should all be stored in re-sealable food containers and kept at the proper temperature.

The Use Of A Meat Thermometer

Finally, when grilling at a stadium or any other similar location it is a good idea to only grill the amount of food that will be eaten at any particular time. Incorporating the use of a meat thermometer is a great way to confirm that meat has been adequately cooked. In most instances, poultry should indicate a temperature of 165°F while meat that is being cooked should indicate 155°F. Any temperature below these values may indicate that food has not been adequately cooked. Staying safe and healthy when enjoying a tailgate party can be as simple as following a few safety tips and tricks. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury legal assistance and guidance.