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Staying Safe on the way to School

January 10, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

School safety is always an important topic of conversation. We want to do everything in our power to keep our young ones safe while giving them every opportunity to learn and grown. Just as important as staying safe while in school is staying safe while travelling to school. Did you know that nearly 150,000 children a year are hurt while travelling back and forth between home and school?

Tips for Walking to School

Around 40 percent of kids (K-12) in America walk to school each day. Especially for younger children, this can be dangerous. There are plenty of ways to help them stay safe though. It is always best for younger children to walk with an adult. If that is not an option, they should try to walk with other kids from the neighborhood. It is good to practice the route to school so they are comfortable with it. Teach kids about stranger danger. Also go over safe street crossing protocol.

Tips for Bicycle Riders

Riding a bicycle can be a fun, healthy, and fast way to get to school. Make sure kids know the importance of wearing a helmet. They should also wear bright clothing so that they stand out on the road. Younger kids, (under 9 years-old) probably should not ride a bike to school unless they are accompanied by an adult. Teach them about the dangers of traffic and the importance of keeping an eye on other vehicles around them.

Tips for the Bus

The bus is the second most popular way for kids to get to school. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration notes that riding the bus itself has little risk, but getting on and off the bus, and waiting for pickups can be dangerous. Teach kids to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop AND for the bus door to open before they step off the curb. Horsing around at the bus stop should never be allowed.