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Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

September 20, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Okay, Ice is not back with a brand new invention. In fact, this is a pretty old idea that many people take for granted. Stop signs are over 100 years old. The first stop signs in North America started appearing in the great state of Michigan in the year 1915, and now they are EVERYWHERE. It is weird to imagine a world before stop signs. In 1914 you could have been driving around and never worried about getting a ticket for rolling past one of these big red octagons.

Running or even just rolling past a stop sign or red light is by far one of the most common moving violations handed out by officers. Our officers hand these tickets out for good reason. Stop signs and red lights are placed in complex intersections where traffic flowing from up to four different directions converges together. It is critical that these intersections be organized and regulated to keep people safe.

So how do you avoid getting a ticket at an intersection with a red light or stop sign? It is simple. Stop. This does not mean slow down and look around, or gently roll through using a so called “California stop.” Your vehicle must completely stop moving. To be safe, you can count off a second or two before you start moving again.

The consequences for running a red light or stop sign are steep. Running a red light or stop sign in Arizona can cost you approximately $250 dollars. That is a lot of money! A violation may also add two points to your driver’s license. Some red lights come equipped with automated cameras which can catch you running a red light even if there is no officer present. Obey traffic laws even when you think no one is watching. You will keep yourself safe and not have to worry about the lawman taking over $200 dollars from your pocket!