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Strategies For Employers That Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents

September 30, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Strategies For Employers That Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents

Employers that operate businesses large and small alike can enjoy a far safer environment for their employees by considering a few simple strategies. This can go a long way in saving employers money and in keeping employees happier over the long term. For example, lighting is an important aspect of any work environment that must be considered in terms of its potential to increase safety.

Maintaining Good Housekeeping

Keeping work areas properly illuminated and well lit can greatly enhance safety in many respects. From preventing slips and falls to reducing the chances of injury when operating machinery, adequate lighting is an essential element of safety that must always be a top priority. In addition, maintaining good housekeeping throughout a work environment is an important aspect of overall safety. Indoor areas as well as outdoor areas should be free of clutter and hazardous materials. Staying proactive in this regard can go a long way in protecting employees and saving employers the difficulties associated with injured employees.

Dangerous Substances Should Be Cleaned Up

Slippery surfaces are a dangerous and ongoing concern for employers today. Using antiskid tape, moisture absorbent mats and other products of this nature can prevent slips and falls. In addition, spills of oils, liquids and other potentially dangerous substances should be cleaned up right away. Ample use of “wet floor” signs can be taken advantage of whenever possible. A slip and fall accident can be a serious situation that results in injury and even loss of life. Staying proactive and preventing slips and falls in the workplace is an essential element of being a safety conscious employer.

A Report Should File As Soon As Possible

Finally, ensuring that employees have the right type of shoes before beginning work is a smart way to avoid a wide variety of slip and fall accidents. This combined with ensuring that obstacles are not present in walkways and stairways can also enhance safety. Taking these necessary precautions can make the workplace far safer and more enjoyable. Most importantly, employers should let employees know that if an accident does happen that a report should filed as soon as possible with the employer. Keeping employers in the loop in this regard is essential. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury claims whenever you have been injured through the negligence of another individual.