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Strict Liability Associated With Dog Bite Incidents

July 13, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Strict Liability Associated With Dog Bite Incidents

While every state is unique and different when it comes to dog bite related events, Arizona in particular is considered a strict liability state where the owner of a dog, with very few exceptions, is typically held liable for the damages associated with injuries caused by dog biting events. In most cases, it is important to understand this liability is carried by the dog owners, and is usually compensated through homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance coverage.

Statute Of Limitations Is One Year In Duration

Another important consideration with regard to dog biting events in the state of Arizona is that there is a statute of limitations regarding this type of accident. In most cases, the statute of limitations is one year in duration. This is important to consider because it is in effect half of the time allotted with regard to most other personal injury claims. As such, an injured victim must document an injury as thoroughly and accurately as possible prior to the lapse of one year from the time of the initial dog-biting event. One of the keys to achieving favorable outcomes with regard to a dog bite claim is by working with a skilled personal injury law firm as soon as possible after the incident.

Permanent Injury Or Disfiguration

This becomes an important consideration when selecting an attorney. For example, working with a law firm that is familiar with a wide variety of dog bite related situations and ways to properly document the situation often makes a difference in the final outcome of any personal injury claim. This is especially true when there may be permanent injury or disfiguration as a result of the bites caused by someone else’s dog. One important note regarding dog bite events is that an injured victim should contact animal control and seek medical attention as a first priority. Once these important necessities have been addressed it is then essential to contact legal counsel as soon as possible.

Gaining Full Compensation

Qualified and capable personal injury counsel can help bite victims investigate and document any injury in an accurate, detailed and timely manner. Dealing with an abbreviated statute of limitations makes this type of injury a top concern that must be handled and addressed as quickly as possible. Filing an injury claim in the right way can greatly increase the likelihood of gaining full compensation for this type of unfortunate event. Contact Hastings & Hastings for professional Phoenix personal injury legal assistance that comes with decades of experience in the industry.