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Tailgate Party Safety Tips

November 8, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Tailgate Party Safety Tips

Everyone loves a great tailgate party, however there are some safety tips worth considering as a way to make any tailgate experience more enjoyable. For example, those who have been drinking alcohol at a tailgate party or while attending a sporting event should not be permitted to drive. Getting behind the wheel after drinking at a tailgate party or sporting event is a sure way to cause an accident, create injuries or even cause loss of life.

Charcoal Grill

Another important aspect of making a tailgate party a total success is to always clean up thoroughly after the completion of a party. This includes making sure there are no items left underneath vehicles or anywhere else in the area. A good effort should be made to clean up all trash and all belongings, leaving the area as clean as it was prior to the party. Those using a charcoal grill should also ensure the coals have cooled adequately before tossing them into a trash container or into the back of a truck or automobile.

Fire Extinguisher

Equally important is to ensure that all leftover food is disposed of properly. While it is tempting to snack on leftovers, food that has been left in the sun or has not been properly refrigerated can make people sick. In short, avoid eating any left over food after a sporting event or tailgate party. Another great tip for making a tailgate party as safe as possible is to always have a fire extinguisher handy and available when grilling. While it is unlikely a fire extinguisher will be needed in most instances, it is still always good to have one ready and available.

Items That Will Be Prepared On-Site

Finally, one way to make sure the food stays fresh and does not spoil is to bring adequate amounts of ice. It is particularly important to have a generous amount of ice in every cooler. This is a key aspect of safety when raw food or uncooked meats are on the list of items that will be prepared on-site at a tailgate party. Food poisoning is a serious concern and that is why it is essential to pay attention to handling food in the right way when planning for and implementing a tailgate party. Contact Hastings & Hastings, a discount personal injury lawyer in Phoenix if you have been injured through no fault of your own.