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Taking Accurate Photos When Involved In An Accident

December 24, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Taking Accurate Photos When Involved In An Accident

Those involved in some type of automobile accident or other type of accident often stand to gain considerably from simply taking a generous amount of good high quality digital photographs. In fact, photographs and images are in many cases some of the most important pieces of evidence that can be presented when filing a personal injury claim.

Make All The Difference When Filing A Claim

From taking photographs of injuries to the particulars of the scene of an accident to images of a client’s vehicle, having a generous amount of pictures related to an accident can make all the difference when filing a claim. One important distinction with regard to taking photographs at the scene of an accident is that they can help protect a client with regard to photographs taken by an insurance company or claims adjuster. This is simply due to the fact that photographs taken by an insurance company can portray in accident in a different and sometimes deceptive light.

Taking High Quality Photographs

By an accident victim having their own photographs they can essentially level the playing field and provide different angles and different views of an accident that a jury may otherwise not be able to see. As an added note, those taking photographs of an accident scene or injury should make certain that they are taking high quality photographs. This includes making sure that images are not fuzzy or out of focus. It is also critical to make certain that images are centered and well planned. Taking photos in a haphazard way can only serve to detract from the main objective that is to achieve a favorable recovery or settlement.

Images Of An Intersection To Images Of A Damaged Vehicle

Photographs are important simply because they allow juries to put a scene into better perspective. From images of an intersection to images of a damaged vehicle to photographs of injuries, juries and judges can often make a decision simply based on photographic evidence. Even something as simple as taking photographs of road markings and signage can greatly enhance one’s ability to achieve a favorable outcome when filing a claim. In short, images of the area where an accident or incident occurred can be priceless in a personal injury claim. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a personal injury attorney in Phoenix.