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The Dangers of Hot Automobiles

October 3, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Summer may be coming to an end but temperatures are still high, and danger still ever present. Many people only associate danger with the hottest months of June, July, and August, but they should be cautious year around. Records kept by the Department of Earth & Climate Sciences at San Francisco State University show that heat-related car deaths are not uncommon even in the month of October; in fact, heat-related car deaths have been documented in every month except January!

Keeping Children Safe

Children are the most frequent victims of hot car deaths. The National Night Traffic Safety Administration has reported that heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash-related car deaths among children. Already in 2015, 14 unfortunate children have lost their lives. In 2013, a staggering 44 cases were reported in which children died from heatstroke as a result of being left in the car. The danger is typically focused in the Southwest, with Texas and Nevada seeing the highest totals of heat-related car deaths; however, no state except Alaska has zero reported incidents.

The Facts of Danger

Temperatures can become fatal when a child’s body heat rises to 107 degrees. This can occur even on a balmy 80 degree day. Within just 10 minutes, a car can heat up 20 degrees. Even this can be deadly. If I child is left beyond this ten minute mark, the danger rises even more swiftly as the car temperature begins creeping above 100 degrees. One of the primary issues is that a child’s body temperature can rise up to five times faster than that of an adult’s. The danger should never be underestimated. You also need to be concerned about the safety of your pets. They run the same risks of heatstroke from rising car temperatures as children do. Never leave anyone or anything in the car. Cracking a window will not drop the temperature to a safe level. If you have experienced loses or damages due to another individual’s negligence, you should seek out legal guidance immediately.