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The Most Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents

March 6, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

The Most Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of accidents in the world today. They happen at home, at work and while in public. In fact, slip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere at any time. One of the best ways to ensure that a slip and fall type accident does not occur is to take the necessary safety precautions.

Keeping A Work Area Clean And Neat

For example, while in the workplace it is important to keep a work area free of clutter and always clean. A messy or cluttered workspace can easily cause a slip resulting in a serious fall and injury. Staying organized and keeping a work area clean and neat can greatly enhance safety. Equally important is to ensure that a workspace or the home environment has adequate lighting. Burned-out light bulbs, low intensity light bulbs and general lack of lighting can easily result in someone tripping, falling or slipping.

Postponing Cleaning Up A Spill

In addition, wet floors are notorious for causing a wide variety of slip related accidents. Whether at home or in the workplace, anytime there is a spill it should be dealt with immediately. Postponing cleaning up a spill is a sure way to cause an individual to fall and become injured. Along with avoiding spills it is always advisable to avoid running or walking too fast. This type of behavior can easily increase the risk of falling and becoming injured. Business owners and homeowners should pay particular attention to warn carpeting, defective flooring and uneven floor surfaces.

Wear The Right Types Of Shoes

These types of situations can all result in a trip and fall type of accident. Serious injury has occurred over the years to young and old alike because of defective flooring. From broken bones to head injuries and spinal cord injuries, slip and fall accidents are a serious matter. Finally, as an added bonus it is always a good idea to wear the right types of shoes as a way to avoid falling. Wearing high quality shoes that have nonslip soles can greatly increase safety both at home and in the workplace. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury attorney representation if you or someone you love has been injured due to someone else’s negligence.