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The Process of Hiring a Lawyer

November 15, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Becoming embroiled in legal proceedings is almost always stressful and often expensive. Whether you are writing a will, going through a divorce, hurt in an accident, or defending yourself during a criminal proceeding, you are likely going to want an attorney on your side who can help you with the case. You don’t want to hire just any attorney, you want to hire the right attorney for you.

Know your Case

When entering into a legal proceeding, you need to be familiar with your case. Are you going to be going to family court? Is this a civil or a criminal trial? Do you need to go to court, or would it be best to settle outside of court? You want to hire an attorney who has experience handling the type of case you are going to be involved in. You should always do your research. Ask for referrals. You always have the ability to check with the state or local bar association.

Know the Cost

There are many different ways for attorneys to charge for their services. Hourly rates are quite common. In this case representation will get more expensive the longer proceedings last. Some attorneys may require a flat up-front fee before they begin their work. Contingency fees are an alternative to hourly rates. With a contingency fee, the attorney receives a prearranged percentage of whatever money is won when your case is resolved.

Be Comfortable

Once you are familiar with your case and you know what the cost of representation is going to be, one final factor should be considered. Are you comfortable with your prospective attorney? They should make you feel protected and well represented. If they do, than you may have found the right attorney for you!