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Tips And Tricks For Being A Safe Driver

February 26, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Tips And Tricks For Being A Safe Driver

Being a safe driver requires more than simply driving the speed limit. In fact, there are a number of other important variables they can greatly improve the level of safety that a typical driver will enjoy while operating a motor vehicle. For example, drinking and driving has long been regarded as one of the easiest ways to become involved in an accident that results in loss of life or serious injury. That said, drivers should always avoid mixing alcohol and driving.

Safe And Responsible

Along with alcohol, medication and a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs and illicit drugs can cause a driver to become sleepy. There are many medications on the market today that affect a driver’s ability to control a vehicle in a safe and responsible way. In short, instructions that are provided with medication whether it is over-the-counter or prescription should be carefully read and understood prior to operating a motor vehicle. Medical marijuana patients should be equally cautious when under the influence of cannabis.


One of the easiest ways to protect a family member or friend who has been drinking is to simply remove their ability to operate a motor vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to take their keys away at the first convenience. The easiest strategy when attempting to get the keys to a car out of the hands of someone that is inebriated is to do so when they are not looking. This will just cause confusion on the part of the intoxicated individual. It is far easier to deal with a person that is confused and intoxicated than it is to deal with the person that is angry and intoxicated.

Erratic Or Confused

Calling a taxi for someone that is impaired or providing that person with the option for mass transit is a far better strategy than simply allowing an impaired driver to get behind the wheel. Even something as simple as establishing a designated driver long before indulging in any activity that will cause impairment can greatly enhance safety for all involved. Finally, safe drivers that see an erratic or confused driver who may be impaired should report this type of activity as soon as possible to the authorities. Contact Hastings and Hastings, a Phoenix personal injury lawyer today if you or someone you love has been injured because of another’s negligence.