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Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions (Part Two)

January 8, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

This year, we have resolved to give you some fantastic advice. So far, it seems we are off to a great start. Let’s keep things going with more tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions. Remember, this isn’t easy, but we are here for you! Now for the advice.

3) Understand Why

This bit of advice is a little more abstract than our previous points, but it may be the most important thing we have covered so far. If you truly understand why you want to accomplish your goal, you will have a much better chance at success. Maybe your resolution this year is to read more. You have committed to reading 10 books! Exactly why have you made this resolution? If you state the reason clearly to yourself, if you say, “I want to learn more, and expand my world view,” you might be able to achieve just that! Every little discovery or interesting fact you come upon while reading will enforce your stated purpose. You will have more motivation than you know what to do with.

4) Reward Yourself

Nothing is better than rewarding yourself. Especially when you feel like you have truly earned that reward. If your resolution is to lose weight, set mini-goals up for yourself. Dieting is exhausting. It saps your willpower and strength. Giving yourself rewards for reaching goals is a great way to keep up motivation. A cheat meal at the end of the week, or after losing 5 pounds, will taste infinity more delicious than that late-night snack scarfed down while wracked with guilt.

5) By Nice to Yourself

You are not going to stick to your resolution 100 percent of the time. You aren’t super human. If you slip up occasionally, don’t beat yourself up over it. Acknowledge that it happened, maybe think about why, and then move on. Dwelling on negatives never helps.