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Tips for Navigating Traffic

February 4, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

We all want a life that easy, breezy, and stress-free. Sources of stress and anxiety are everywhere! Eliminating just a few of these sources, or at least reducing them to some degree will pay off big in terms in improving your quality of life. They key in accomplishing this, is understand which things you can control which things you can’t. You are going to have to commute to work every day. This is unavoidable. What you can control, is the way you manage that commute and the stress you feel during it. Following Hastings & Hastings tips for navigating traffic to reduce your stress and feel better.

Controlling your Emotions

It is totally understandable to get upset when you are driving in traffic. Getting upset will increase you stress levels and it won’t accomplish anything. Avoid getting upset by working on managing expectations. If you are stuck in heavy traffic, the best thing you can do is except the inevitability of your situation. You are now going to lose time to this traffic jam. You can’t change that! By accepting that fact you can make your time stuck in traffic as enjoyable as possible.

Avoid Contributing to the Problem

Traffic is one of those miserable life experiences that you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. Do you part to help the traffic jam clear. Don’t be a pushy driver. Don’t try to chase faster lanes of traffic which will inevitably, inexorably, slow down. Every time you change lanes and force another driver to hit the brakes, you are making the traffic jam worse. The best thing you can do when stuck in traffic is maintain a steady speed and follow the vehicle in front of you at a reasonable distance.