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Tips For Preventing Burns In The Kitchen

January 28, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Considered by experts to be one of the most common locations in the home where burns occur, the kitchen can be a far safer place when a few simple tips are considered. For example, it is important to always wear clothing that is close fitting and roll up one’s sleeves prior to cooking. Equally important is to always turn off the stovetop flames prior to reaching across or above the stove while cooking.

Cooking On The Back Burner

Sometimes the simplest strategies can reduce the likelihood of a burn injury in the kitchen environment. Another clear way to reduce the chances of potential burns in the kitchen is to always opt for cooking on the back burner. Turning pot handles inward as a way to prevent the possibility of spilling hot liquids is a simple and effective way to increase the safety of everyone present in the kitchen. Spraying aerosols near any type of open flame can be a dangerous activity. Avoid this as a way to prevent burns or even a potential fire.

Keep Dish Towels Far Away From The Stove

Dishtowels, surprisingly, can easily become a major fire hazard in the kitchen. While hanging a dishtowel over an oven door can look quite appealing especially during the holidays, it is this very practice that is strongly discouraged by experts. Dishtowels can easily ignite and lead to a much bigger fire. Play it safe, and always keep dishtowels far away from the stove, oven or other open flames in the kitchen. As with dishtowels, oven mitts, paper towels, cloth towels and other similar items should be deliberately stored in an area of the kitchen that is far away from any potential fire source.

Constant Awareness Of The Cooking Environment

Finally, those cooking in the kitchen should make it a habit to never leave items cooking unattended at any time. This is a sure way to create a hazard. It can also result in children becoming burned. Children are inquisitive and will instinctively grab a pot handle and pull. This is a dangerous scenario that can easily be avoided. Maintaining a constant awareness of the cooking environment and never leaving cooking unattended can go a long way in keeping safety at peak levels. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix that is focused and professional.