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Tips For Preventing Foot And Ankle Related Fractures

January 3, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Tips For Preventing Foot And Ankle Related Fractures

It is no surprise that ankle and foot fractures and injuries happen on a daily basis across the country. Stress fractures are perhaps one of the most common ailments experienced by athletes, sports enthusiasts and runners. From tennis players to those who enjoy soccer and running, anyone wishing to avoid fractures may consider a few obvious and straightforward tips. For example, warming up is one of the best ways to prevent a foot, ankle or knee related fracture.

Prevent Long-Term Injury And Fractures

Stretching adequately for at least two or three minutes before becoming involved in any type of sporting related activity is an excellent way of reducing the probability of an injury. Equally important is to build muscles slowly over time. It is the gradual conditioning and building up of muscles that can serve to prevent long-term injury and fractures. In fact, those wishing to condition and build muscle should plan to do so over a several week or several month period of time.

Worn Out Shoes Can Easily Result In A Fracture

Another major concern with regard to preventing fractures of the ankle, foot or leg is to always wear the right type of shoes. Shoes should be carefully chosen so that they fit correctly. Along with correctly sized shoes it is also important to wear shoes in the right way. Shoes should be comfortable and supportive and should be replaced frequently. Worn out shoes can easily result in a fracture. In most instances active athletes and those that participate in a wide variety of sports should plan to replace their shoes at least twice each year.

Be Aware Of Any Developing Pain Or Ongoing Chronic Pain

Finally, one of the easiest ways to avoid a fracture is to simply be careful when running or hiking. This is important because it can avoid an accident that results from uneven ground as well as rocks and stumps or other obstructions are obstacles in the way of a runner or hiker. As an added note, those that are actively engaged in sports should be aware of any developing pain or ongoing chronic pain. This is usually a first indication that something is wrong. This is an ideal time to stop an activity and consult with a medical professional. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury legal representation.