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Tips For Safe Nighttime Driving

November 2, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Tips For Safe Nighttime Driving

Driving at night can present additional challenges and hazards every motor vehicle operator should think about. Considering a few simple and straightforward tips can make nighttime driving safer and more rewarding. For example, having an automobile’s headlights correctly adjusted and aimed in the right direction can improve nighttime driving conditions. Many indications suggest that even new cars have headlights that are improperly aligned or are pointed in a less than ideal direction.

A Headlight Polishing Kit

In addition to ensuring headlights are properly aligned it is equally important to make certain headlight lenses are clean and free of dirt and grime. Any foreign objects or matter on headlight lenses can reduce the effectiveness of headlights. As a matter of fact, many automobile owners choose to purchase a headlight polishing kit. This can improve the overall quality of light that is made available. In some cases, changing light bulbs may be required in order to get the full amount of light that is available to drivers.

Traveling On Back Roads And Country Roads

Another great strategy for making nighttime driving safer is to simply dim the instrument panel and dash lights. Reduced interior lighting can greatly improve exterior vision. Those traveling on back roads and country roads should pay particular attention to the potential for wildlife to dart in front of a vehicle. Staying alert and watching for animals and even animal’s eyes (they tend to illuminate from automobile headlights) is typically the best way to avoid an impact. Another smart strategy is to avoid staring at oncoming vehicle headlights. This can reduce night vision and disrupt concentration while driving at night.

Fog Lights Can Make A Big Difference When Driving In Low Visibility

Finally, drivers should always make sure their windshields are completely clean and free of any type of residue that could cause nighttime glare. As an added note, touching the inside of a car windshield can transfer oil from one’s hands onto the windshield causing unnecessary and undue glare. Equally worth considering as a way to increase safety is having fog lights installed on a vehicle. While some vehicles come stock with fog lights others require an aftermarket installation. Either way, fog lights can make a big difference when driving in low visibility. Contact Hastings & Hastings for focused Phoenix personal injury attorney assistance.