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Tips On Avoiding Skateboard Related Injuries

March 19, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Tips On Avoiding Skateboard Related Injuries

Skateboarding is a fun and exciting activity that children of all ages enjoy. However, there are many incidents, accidents and serious injuries that are the result of improper skateboard riding. One of the best ways to avoid skateboarding related accidents and injuries is to consider a few important and essential tips on skateboard riding safety. For example, one of the most obvious ways to avoid skateboarding related accidents is to simply wear a helmet.

Wearing Safety Gear When Riding A Skateboard Makes Smart Sense

In addition to wearing a helmet, those riding a skateboard should take full advantage of other types of safety gear and safety equipment. This includes everything from kneepads to elbow pads and wrist guards. From novice to expert alike, wearing safety gear when riding a skateboard makes smart sense. Even taking advantage of a mouth guard can prevent the possibility of broken teeth when experiencing a serious fall. Children riding a skateboard should do so in an area where surfaces or dry and smooth and do so away from traffic.

Broken Parts To Lose Parts And Cracked Pieces

It is also important to ride in an area that is well lit if choosing to ride at night. Equally important is to teach children the importance of doing a full safety check on a skateboard before mounting the board. Checking a skateboard for problems, malfunctions or defects can greatly reduce the chances of an accident. From broken parts to lose parts and cracked pieces, there are many aspects of a skateboard that can become broken or defective. If a defect is found it is important to have the skateboard repaired prior to using the board again.

Reduces The Distance Between The Riding Surface And The Rider

Finally, teaching skateboard riders the right way to fall can also mitigate what would otherwise be serious injuries. Minimizing impact when falling can be as simple as crouching down when balance is lost. This is a simple and effective strategy that reduces the distance between the riding surface and the rider. If an accident does occur it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Road rash, broken bones and other serious injuries have all occurred because of skateboarding related accidents. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for personal injury legal representation in Phoenix Arizona.